A quick post

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Just a quick post tonight which will give me time to put some sample cards on the blog which, I'm sure you'll agree, is the best use of the time!  I know I won't have much time when I go back to work, after a couple of days off, as there are lots of orders plus tomorrow is a "designing" day - ...

Have you seen the gallery?

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I know it's not a big gallery yet but from little acorns as the saying goes.  Have a look at the cards that are on there and we'll keep working on it.  Thanks for your positive comments - they do spur me on to try to improve the blog. Not much to say tonight.  I'm just preparing for tomorrows show on ...

More Sample Cards

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Here are some sample cards from the 'In the Country' Set - CS032D As seen on Create and Craft

Sample Cards from Create & Craft Show

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I've just got home after The Create and Craft show.  It's later than expected - the joys of the M.1 and the M.25! I'll  put a couple of cards on tonight as  promised but will do more tomorrow when I've sorted everything out from the show. Goodnight - an early one for me I think.

Tv Show – 17th April

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Hi all,   It's Becki here again.  Thought I would just create a quick post while mum is still on the telly! she did say she would put some more cards on before she went on the telly but she had packed all her craft bits up pretty early last night. Luckily I managed to grab one card that hadn't made it into the box yet.   Sorry ...

Sunny weather

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What a beautiful weekend.  I didn't get outside much as I was working but I still enjoyed seeing the sunshine and it makes the driving almost enjoyable. I went to The Art of Craft on Saturday and spent the day demonstrating in the shop.  Considering it was such a lovely day I was surprised how many people came in to watch the demo and say Hello. There ...

It’s a Kestrel!

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Thanks for the comments on the blog, emails and phone calls since the Create and Craft show last Thursday. (It seems ages ago now as I've done so much since then). Among the 'Well Done' and 'Thank you's' several people pointed out that the bird of prey from the 'In the Country' set isn't a red kite! Both Martyn (morning show) and Andy (afternoon ...

Jenny & Martyn Tv Show

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Tv Show Just incase you missed Jenny on the telly I thought I would put a short clip from one of the shows.   This is a demo of  In the Country Set. Enjoy! Becki :-)    Tuscany Demo While I was at it I thought I would add the Tuscany demo as well

Look what’s New!

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We have 3 new clear sets that are out now!  I will be demonstrating with them this Thursday 31st March at 9am and 2pm CS029D Tuscany   CS032D In the Country   CS031D Big Bear

While the cats away…

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 While the cats away... the mice will play! I'm away at hobbycrafts at the nec birmingham. So becki is putting a couple of cat cards on the blog for me. I have a lot of the card samples with me but left a few behind which becki will put on over the next day or so ( until i get back ). I'm ...